Quick-dry sling-robed bathrobe

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S: 100X115CM

M: 100X125CM

L: 100x135cm

Super soft and absorbent

Made of high density coral fleecy, it ensures the highest quality of softness and drying techniques.
Breathable, absorbent and comfortable to feel.
Proper size
Easy to carry and carry.
You can enjoy maximum freedom and relaxation.
These portable bath towels are available in a beautiful variety of colors to make them look very sexy and eye-catching.
Wear well and use well
Soft, light, fast drying, absorbent, flexible, compact and opaque;
Machine washable.
Unlike regular towels, its body is thinner and drier, allowing it to drain water and dry quickly in the air for reuse.
The Perfect vacation
Don't get wet when you go to the toilet.
If you want to spend some time on the beach sunbathing or swimming, our bath towels are also perfect for your holiday.
Ideal for swimming pools, yoga or gyms.